Cost Estimating

We are your land development cost estimating experts

Moote has been providing land development cost estimates since 1974 and is recognized as the most experienced and accurate land development consulting company in the industry; typically performing hundreds of cost estimates each year. Moote has built a reputation for producing land development cost estimates with integrity that will stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Our foundation is a database of experience encompassing more than 7,500 residential, commercial, and industrial projects spanning California, Nevada, and a dozen other states. We act as a third party representative for land owners, developers, prospective buyers and/or sellers of land, as well as financial and equity partners looking to validate their land development budget. Our estimate format is recognized throughout the industry; it is transparent and typically included the following:

Fees: Entitlement, Impact and Site Development Processing

    •  Assessment and allocation of required fees based on the local jurisdiction and their municipal code
    •  Identification of relevant municipalities and stakeholders who have an interest in the project

Land Development Infrastructure and Consulting Services

    • Review and integrate project requirements via Agency requirements and conditions of approval and/or development agreement
    • Incorporation of project reports relating to existing soils and environmental conditions

Estimate Options

Conceptual Estimates


Paper Lot Cost Estimates


Finished Lot Cost Estimates


Cost-to-Complete Estimates


Development Fee Studies


Due Diligence & Value Engineering Constructability Analysis


Because of our experience, we are able to quickly assess the overall project and make cost saving and value engineering recommendations that can ultimately enhance your bottom line. We approach each project through the eyes of a contractor, identifying each project with a keen sense of project constructability. Leveraging our database of fees and unit pricing, we are able to explain and support our opinion of cost with the most current and relevant data available.

Private & Public Bid Administration

Get it right from the start

Moote’s bid administration team offers the expertise you need to ensure your bid process is a success. From developing the project estimate to creating the bid specification, we customize each project to meet the requirements and needs of our client and the agency. We can bid your land development infrastructure from sewer, water, storm drain, landscaping, traffic signalization and/or street improvements all the way through rough pulls and finished lots. Our site purchasing process is economical and consistent with current industry standards and provides for an apples to apples bid that promotes attractive and competitive unit prices. Moreover, we work within the time constraints of your development to meet important dates and schedules. Moote understands the agency standards and requirements of most California agencies and with that knowledge we are able to streamline the approval process.


Fill in gaps from the plans to how the improvements will be constructed in the field


Mitigate contractor change orders through a concise & clear bid specification


Thorough understanding of Agency standards and policies


Long standing relationships with Agencies and Contractors.

Our Services Include

    • Bid schedule including quantities, documents and preparation of general and specific conditions.
    • Project estimate, instructions to bidder and invitation to bid
    • Administration, solicitation and monitoring of the bid process
    • Verification of compliance and required documentation submitted
    • Review, tabulation and recommendation report for bids
    • Unit price analytics to identify any unit price anomalies or inconsistencies
    • Construction scheduling and contract negotiation (Private Bid)

Acting as an unbiased third party, Moote ensures the bid process is competitive. We follow due process for all public bidding to guarantee the developer is reimbursed at project completion.

Construction Management

On time & on budget – experience counts

The consequences of not having a single point of contact to properly manage your land development project could result in overspending, delays, on-site safety hazards and potential lawsuits. Our staff, many of whom were contractors themselves, bring an inside-out knowledge of construction bids, contracts and agency specifications. Our construction management team members are experts in grading and erosion control, as well as the installation of sewers, storm drains, potable water systems, reclaimed water systems, street improvements, dry utilities and landscaping.


    • Comprehensive schedule of pre-construction activities
    • Review and outline all relevant plans and specifications
    • Engage contractors, subcontractors, consultants and pertinent agencies

During Construction

    • Enforce contract compliance, adherence to plans and specifications
    • Coordination of agency inspection, testing and owner-consultants
    • Detailed daily reports identifying work completed, and equipment and labor onsite
    • SWPPP and erosion control compliance

Post Construction

    • Project closeout, punch list, and bond exoneration
    • File NOC at the County Recorder’s office
    • Work with agency and contractor(s) to finalize and complete the punch list and turnover to agency or HOA for maintenance
    • Mechanic lien releases

With Moote on your team, you can rest easy knowing you have a strong advocate to serve as your eyes and ears on the job site, ensuring your project is completed safely, on time and on budget.

Project Administration

An extension of your team

Equally as important as onsite Construction Manager is their counterpart – Project Administrator. In this capacity, we are an extension of your team utilized to navigate and manage the contract(s) applicable to each contractor and consultant. This full-service effort entails everything from pre-construction through agency close out and project acceptance. Our sole objective is to provide our clients with certainty for a very dynamic process. We act on behalf of our client and provide a level of efficiency and effectiveness that will ensure the project remains on time, on budget, and is administrated to the highest standard


    • Coordination of pre-construction meeting with all related agencies, consultants and contractor(s)
    • Administration of up-front material submittals
    • Establish a process for paperwork processing & cloud based dissemination
    • Identify pertinent DIR wage determination by trade & classification

During Construction

    • Enforce compliance of the existing contract with the specifications of the bid and Greenbook (when applicable).
    • Review, process and obtain Engineer of Record approval of all Requests for Information (RFI)
    • Prevailing Wage Compliance – audit and maintain certified payroll reports throughout the duration of the project
    • Administration of change orders – review for validity, process internally and where appropriate, obtain agency approval to ensure reimbursable eligibility
    • Administrate monthly invoices – establish quantities, obtain lien releases – process for payment

Post Construction

    • Work with agency to establish punch list
    • Facilitate as-built plan approval and processing
    • Obtain unconditional final releases and final certified payroll reports

Special District & Fee Reimbursement Administration

Success Guaranteed

For many projects, the use of a CFD or a development impact fee credit agreement is imperative to the success of the project. These programs, if utilized properly, can enhance project cash flow and provide additional benefits to your bottom line. Our experience and understanding of these programs along with the relationships we have developed with various government entities, afford us the ability to maximize your credits and/or reimbursements in a timely and expeditious manner. We approach the project through the eyes of what is required and necessary to construct the eligible infrastructure – we understand the protocol and are able to work with the agency to maximize the eligibility of your request.

Service Components

    • Strategic Administration and Formation Assistance of Community Facilities Districts
    • Finance and Acquisition Agreement Support
    • Engineer’s Cost Estimate of Discrete Components with Exhibits
    • Projection and Analysis of Fee Allotment and Benefit
    • Reconciliation of Project Expenditures to Validate and Maximize Monetary Value
    • Third Party Account Management of a Multiple Party Agreement

Types of Special Finance & Public Funding Districts

    • CFD (Community Facilities District)
    • DIF (Development Impact Fees)
    • TUMF (Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee)
    • RBBD (Road & Bridge Benefit District)
    • CIP (Capital Improvement Project)
    • LID (Local Improvement District)
    • SID (Special Improvement District)
    • SAD (Special Assessment District)
    • JDA (Joint Development Agreement)

Our process is dynamic and has been refined over the years to provide our clients with the utmost efficiency. Our process allows for an expeditious review process that will ensure timely reimbursement that will enhance your return on investment.